About Us

Making Snack Time a Happy Time Since 2020

Our Story

KTM Takeaway’s tale began with a sprinkle of passion and a dash of dreams in 2020, in the heart of Kathmandu Basantapur. From our humble beginnings, we’ve blossomed into a whimsical wonderland of snacks, spreading smiles across Nepal. Our secret ingredient? A whole lot of love for snacks!

Why we are here, Today!!!

Making Snack Time a Happy Time

At KTM Takeaway, our mission is simple: We want to turn your ordinary snacking moments into extraordinary, happy memories. We don’t just serve snacks; we serve happiness wrapped in crispy, crunchy, and delectable bites.

What Makes Us Your Happy Place?

Joyful Ingredients: We hunt for the happiest, freshest, and most cheerful ingredients to create snacks that’ll make your taste buds dance with delight.

Menu Magic: Our menu is a merry mix of timeless classics, regional treasures, and out-of-the-box creations that’ll have you doing the snack-time happy dance.

Speedy Snacking: We get it – sometimes, snack cravings can’t wait. That’s why we serve up your favorite treats faster than a squirrel chasing an acorn.

Happy Customers: Your happiness is our top priority! Our beaming team is here to make your visit as delightful as our snacks.

Happy Hub: We’re not just a snack spot; we’re a hub of happiness in your community, always ready to support local events and spread good vibes.

New & seasonal Specials Every Month!

Visit the Happiest Place in Basantapur Kathmandu Nepal

KTM Takeaway isn’t just about snacks; it’s about finding happiness in the little moments. So, come on over to any of our joy-packed locations and let us fill your day with happiness, one snack at a time!

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